Animal breeding

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Animal breeding is one of the most entirely natural experiences and it happens across all species. So, it must be easy, right? It is really important to take the necessary precautions and consider the consequences of breeding for your specific dog, to ensure each animal is cared for correctly.

With over five years of experience, we want to keep every pet and every owner happy during the breeding process. Our highly specialised staff utilize their extensive background when assisting our customers so your pet leaves with a wagging tail!

Before breeding your dog, there are two important factors you really have to consider: whether you have a suitable stud dog and whether you should begin to progesterone test. When you’re working with us, you can be certain that you’ll find the stud suitable for your bitch. Progesterone testing is recommended for all dogs and we can help you find one. It allows you to determine the best day to breed your bitch, pinpointing her period of ovulation.

Once you have the results, an expert can advise you on what day is right to breed your dog. A.I. (Artificial insemination) is a quick and straightforward procedure that really reduces the risk of contracting STIs as well as upping your chances of a successful encounter, however we recommend Surgical A.I. If not within driving distance of the stud, natural breeding is also an option many people prefer some type of A.I. and C-Section is recommended for this breed

To find out if your dog is pregnant, experts recommend an ultrasound scan at 25-35 days. This means a vet can see if there is a full count of puppies and spot any developing infections. Though these are rare, it’s always important to catch them early.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new addition for your family, or you want your pet to have a litter, we hope this blog has helped you understand the process and shine some light. LakeBeltonBullies can help you through the process, providing you with ideal stud dogs.

Animal Breeding

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